It´s all about music, to be touched but never forced by. Naked music, well dressed, for people with know-how and those without. Music with emotion.

In the old songs, as well as in Tritonus new repertoire, text and tune are strongly unified. The Scandinavian folkmusic is their language.

Hans Kennemark, guitar, song and fiddle. Troubadour and National folkmusician. Songwriter and composer. Alf Hambe award 1999.
Greger Siljebo, fiddle. Violinplayer and National folkmusician. Composing fiddleartist. Loves to try the impossible, on fiddle.
Jan-Anders "Jogga" Ernlund, doublebase. His ordinary job is in the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. Sometimes also with Orsa spelmän. In his opinion Orsa-tunes is best on solobase.