List of contents: 81.8% brass, 18.2% percussion. Net weight: 1833 pounds.
robin rydqvist[trumpet]anders lundin[euphonium]
peder hansson[trumpet]andreas johansson[euphonium]
ulrik höglund[trumpet]henrik gyzander[tuba]
robert svensson[trombone]mats olsson[drums]
mikael appelgren[trombone]lars eliasson[percussion]
anders hellman[basstrombone]

dancing queen

Big Fat Brass - is the mobile eleven-men-band who has been a great success in Gothenburg and at Liseberg - our famous amusement park.

The band-members make their everyday-living in GöteborgsMusiken, Bohuslän Big Band, the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and at the Gothenburg Opera.

The repertoire is anything from love-ballads to hot samba!

Big Fat Brass is the perfect choice for a kick-off, an opening, a partners' meeting, a celebration, a festival or for the big party. We put together what suites you for any occasion.