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children concerts

CRM has arranged and produced more than 50 children productions, with Symphony Orchestras and chamber ensembles in Sweden.

Every production is unique. It adapts to the needs of the ensemble and the audience and to the stage's possibilities. The ideas can often be developed, changed and recycled!

Here, some examples:

West Side Story
Performed by Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra in May 1991 together with dancers - Monica Milocco and Gregory d'Aguar for students in secondary and high school. Narrator was Maria Carlsson who transcribed the libretto and integrated the text into "Symphonic Dances".
Adams - A short ride in a fast Machine
Bernstein - Symphonic Dances

Geraldine the Music Mouse
Family concert with Malmö Symphony Orchestra 1993 and Sandviken Symphony Orchestra in 1995.
Grieg - from Peer Gynt and Norwegian Dances
Mozart - from Symphony no 9
Concert for children, 4 - 9 years, with the pianist of Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Erik Risberg.
Bach - Prelude
Grieg - Nocturne
Bartok - Sonata
Prokofjev - Visions Fugitives
Ljjadov - Pastoral and Prelude in B-minor
Maria Carlsson as "Mezzo Mouse"

Music for a Doll
with the Gothia ensemble and Maria Carlsson as "Casper" in Gothenburg Concert Hall 1998 and 1999.
Strawinsky - Petruschka (arr for percussion and piano)

An adventure in space through sound and light performed by the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra in 1995 for students in secondary school.
Narrator: Tomas DiLeva
Conductor: Roger Carlsson
Holst - the Planets

The Clown and the Music
with the wind quintet Arion on tour in West Sweden in 1995.
Nielsen - from Wind quintet
Ligeti - from Six bagatelles
Britten - from Metamorphoses
Milhaud - from La Cheminée du roi René
Mozart - from Serenade no 12

Santa´s Tuba
With GSO Brass Quintet 1992 and John Bauer Brass 1998.
Maria Carlsson as Santa´s mouse
L Anderson - Sleighride
F Schubert - Marsch Militaire
I Berlin - White Christmas
Susato - from Dance Suite

The Secret of Haja - Maja
"Once upon a time ... Ó Maria Carlsson says and 50 red pencils move energetically over lined paper. The students' creativity is flowing, inner visions of dolls, large theatrical puppets, makes up a colorful, fantastic and exciting story. The reason for this is that a wind quintet plays Darius Milhaud's La Cheminée du roi René in the classroom. It´s obvious that classical music can release children's creativity - isn´t it?

The result was anyhow a wonderful Puppet Theater - Music - Show.

A show with a pig called Lily, a squirrel called Mozart, a rabbit by the name of Beethoven, a girl called Sanna, a speaking tree, a frog-bridge, a Dragon and all those things that shows to be anything but what you thought they were ...

Milhaud - La Cheminée du roi René
Johanson - from Korsfararsång
Ligeti - from Six bagatelles
Farkas - from Antique Hungarian Dances