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(translation Maria Carlsson)

music - a source of energy

A lecture about how
we can use classical music
in the classroom

to help students write and create
to stimulate fantasy and our inner pictures
to give strength and inspiration to students - and teachers

maria carlsson

For more than 15 years Maria Carlsson, as every other teacher, has tried to inspire her students to create, write and learn. Sometimes as clown or witch... The "key" to inspiration, impulses and fantasy Maria found in classical music. She uses the energy in music to stimulate creativity, motivation and inner visions.

Maria Carlsson teaches in secondary school and has managed a number of projects where children of different age have created fantastic stories, inspired by music.

about the lectures

The lectures can be adjusted to suite different audiences. A three hours' lecture for teachers in kindergarten, first and secondary school contains:

performance of a Musical Tale
discussion about the necessity of music
description of projects where children write, inspired by music
listening to music that stimulates creativity, motivation and inner visions
ideas for the classroom:
how to practice "inner visions"
creating stories and poems